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False Alarm | PIXU coming soon

PIXU   (streets 07/23)   (coming soon)
  by Becky Cloonan, Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, Vasilis Lolos.

The PIXU (pronounced "pee-shu") CREW continues to determine
the books' specs (covers, page counts, price) as the SDCC debut
looms. Some of the promo images you see here will be available
as postcards @ Becky's MoCCA table, this weekend. KHEPRI
has set up a Waiting List for PIXU; once the book is available as
a pre-order, those on the list will receive first notification.

PIXU is a horror anthology, from the friends who brought us the
self-published, Eisner-nominated "5" in the summer of 2007.



$5.00:   $4.50: FIVE (available now!)
$5.00:   $4.50: NEBULI (available now!)

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